During 2014 I found my custom automotive painting business slowing down considerably and my passion for creating these rolling masterpieces waning. Due to this, I haven’t been active on social media as I really felt that I had nothing valuable to share. I have been struggling with my own self belief and questioning my abilities as a successful artist.

It’s taken a lot of soul searching and reflection to finally come to the realisation that the limitations associated to painting art on automotive surfaces has kept me from really taking my creative skills to the next level. I feel that I have now finally outgrown the automotive industry. It’s time to take my own advice that I have been giving to so many others over the years – “To change something you need to change something”.

Our time on this earth is limited and I have consistent reminders to make my short time here meaningful….something much more than what I have been settling for in the past.

My spiritual and social obligations are leading me down a path to not just create, but to pay it forward. I have made a decision that every piece of my art from here on out, will go towards helping improve quality of life in some small dark corner of the world.

To make this possible I will create art that anyone can have the opportunity to own. Art that has meaning and has a story to tell. Not just my story, but stories that hardly ever get told and need to be heard.

I cannot travel on this journey alone, I need your support, so please follow and share my endeavours and together we can shine light into some of those dark corners of the world and hopefully make them a little brighter.

In the meantime please enjoy this video of one of my last custom paint jobs I did for Clarion from start to finish…




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