Sorry it’s been a while since I put another post on here. I have been busy travelling around painting cars for Clarion.

In between that I am trying to develop my own products, spend time with my family, work on the house etc etc.

Just not enough hours in the day, you know the story!

Anyway here is a a short video of one of the cars I recently painted for Clarion in Johanasburg South Africa.

I just returned from Malaysia last week where I completed another full custom paint job for them so keep your eye out for that one soon. I will post up some pics and a video to follow.



4 Responses

  1. Hey Stuart
    Looking at yor projects and the story behind your personal development is an inspiration.
    I will be purchasing your books in the next week
    Rock on Man & keep livin the dream

  2. Hey man

    That is amazing, I wish i knew you were here in South Africa, so that i could meet you.

    I am also starting out in airbrushing, also looking hard for help.

    Keep it up man.

  3. Stuart, Another awesome looking Nano… The Dolphins look fantastic !!!


    Rob Cooper