I have just received news that the Tata Nano I painted in India has whipped up a storm at this years Auto show in Dehli.

Here is the email I just received from Ravi Burman the head distributor for Clarion in India.

The Nano Show Car has been a big hit at the Auto Expo. The car has been the biggest Show Stopper in this event.

The car along with my Interview has been featured on Numerous TV Channels since the Auto Expo started. The news channels that have carried the Coverage are NDTV, CNN IBN, Star News, Live India, P7 News, CNEB, CNBC etc. and many more are coming for the shoot in the next few days.We have highlighted the fact that this is the 1st Air Brushed Show Car done in India and showcased at The Auto Expo. The Times of India , Hindustan Times and Economic Times (The 3 largest circulated Newspapers in India) all covered the car and printed Pictures of our Nano along with lots of other Newspapers.

We managed to get a Stand for showcasing the car right next to the Tata/Jaguar/Fiat Stand.

Everyone from Tata came and saw the car and appreciated what we have done. The entire ERC Team of Tata all came to see the Nano and they all loved what we have done for Tata Nano. Mr. Dube wants the Nano to be taken all over India to the major cities for a Road Show at Tata Dealerships.

Besides the Tata people, Senior Executives from Maruti Suzuki, Renault / Nissan, GM, Ford, VW, Fiat, Honda and Nissan / Leyland all came and saw the car and the sound demo and appreciated what we had done. The Business & Public Visitors all loved the Car and the crowds at our stand were huge and unmanageable at times.

This has been the best Brand Building exercise for Clarion and will go a long way in establishing the Clarion Brand in India, specially with all the OEM Customers.

Incidentally, the Organisers- CII have announced that This Years Auto Expo will be the Biggest Car Show in the World and will have 2.5 Million Visitors in attendance. All the Major Auto Makers including Toyota, Honda, VW have used this years Auto Expo for their Global Car Model Launches.

My next post will be about my experience travelling to India and painting the Tata Nano so keep an eye out for it!

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  1. wow man that is awesome you got to go there and paint that car!!!! So awesome great job and looks F*&$ing sick!!


  2. Absolutely fantastic Stuart. It’s great that it will give your name and company great exposure. I am doing the automotive airbrush course with you on February 6 & 7 and i am looking forward to learning from you.