Legends Live On – Clarion Project

I’m in Penang right now airbrushing another show car for Clarion. This time I’m doing something a little different. I will post some photo’s of it soon. I was here in Malaysia earlier in the year when I airbrushed another car for Clarion. “The theme of the car was “Legends Live On” Here is the […]

Another Airbrush Project for Clarion

Stuart Vimpani professional Artist

Sorry it’s been a while since I put another post on here. I have been busy travelling around painting cars for Clarion. In between that I am trying to develop my own products, spend time with my family, work on the house etc etc. Just not enough hours in the day, you know the story! Anyway here […]

Video of Nano Being Airbrushed in India

Want to see the paint job on the Tata  Nano from start to finish? Make sure you watch it until you see the guy holding the light bulb twitched to a wire. This was the lighting I had to work with through the entire job!