Painting with Passion and Purpose

Stuart Vimpani Commercial Artist

After 20 years of painting countless art works and travelling the world as a commercial artist, I found myself feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I started questioning myself – is this all there really is…? Don’t get me wrong I was extremely great full for the the experiences I’d had in my life up until this point; […]

How to bring more BLISS into your home this Spring…

home decorating made easy

It’s True – “Home is where the heart is” Your environment is a true reflection of your own thoughts…and it goes without saying if your home is looking tired, cluttered and lifeless then it should be no surprise your probably feeling the same way emotionally. Your space is a culmination of you, your aura, and your […]

An Important Message About Ocean Conservation – If The Oceans Die, We All Die!


An Important message about ocean conservation from Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson. Billions of people depend upon the ocean for food, and I’m not talking about restaurants, sushi bars and fish markets in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo or Sydney. I’m talking about extremely poor people whose lives actually depend upon catching fish. But […]

Free To Shine – Children should be in school not brothels

In my last post I spoke about how I would utilize my skills towards making a positive difference. Well I am very happy to announce that I have chosen my first cause to shine some light on. I recently had the pleasure of hearing a very inspiring lady named Nicky Mih speak at a local […]

“The Last Stand”

stuart vimpani fine art

During 2014 I found my custom automotive painting business slowing down considerably and my passion for creating these rolling masterpieces waning. Due to this, I haven’t been active on social media as I really felt that I had nothing valuable to share. I have been struggling with my own self belief and questioning my abilities […]

Legends Live On – Clarion Project

I’m in Penang right now airbrushing another show car for Clarion. This time I’m doing something a little different. I will post some photo’s of it soon. I was here in Malaysia earlier in the year when I airbrushed another car for Clarion. “The theme of the car was “Legends Live On” Here is the […]

Presentation of the Tata Nano by Clarion

Stuart Vimpani commercial artist

Just thought I’d post this video Clarion put together for their Distributor conference of the Tata Nano Project I did for them back in December last year.  I will be returning to Penang in about one month time to paint 3 more cars for them. All the airbrushing work I have been getting from Clarion […]

Another Airbrush Project for Clarion

Stuart Vimpani professional Artist

Sorry it’s been a while since I put another post on here. I have been busy travelling around painting cars for Clarion. In between that I am trying to develop my own products, spend time with my family, work on the house etc etc. Just not enough hours in the day, you know the story! Anyway here […]

Video of Nano Being Airbrushed in India

Want to see the paint job on the Tata  Nano from start to finish? Make sure you watch it until you see the guy holding the light bulb twitched to a wire. This was the lighting I had to work with through the entire job!

Put a smile on a childs face

In October last year I was chosen along with 15 other artists to take part in a a special charity event which was organised by House of Kolor. 15 Artists were selected to each paint a surfboard which will be auctioned to raise money for the “Sunrise Childrens Village” in Cambodia It was an honor […]

Sunrise Childrens Village Charity. Surfboard Auction Now Live on Ebay!

The time has now come for the airbrushed surf boards to go up for auction! These fantastic boards have been on display at Summernats this year and you may have even seen a selection at the Collision Repair Expo last week in Sydney   To view high resolution images of each of the boards  please […]