With so much crazy stuff going on in the first half of 2020, we wanted to do something to help remind people of what makes them happy.

So we decided to create a giveaway for one lucky person to receive a hand painted portrait of their heart horse. We made the conditions to enter really easy – all they were required to do was send in a photo of their heart horse and tell us what they love most about their horse.

When we set out to create this giveaway we weren’t expecting to receive so many heartfelt stories of connection between owners and their horses.

We had to make sure we had some tissues handy when reading through each entry…truly some of them were so touching!

So much so it was very difficult to pick just one winner! But we did and here it is…

This is my heart horse, Nebraska. 12yo tb that I got almost off the track about 4 years ago. He was meant to be a project but I knew within minutes he wasn’t going anywhere. Every day I thank my lucky stars that he came into my life. I’ve had horses for 37 years, all amazing, wonderful teachers who have given me the skills to experience true freedom. But this horse, THIS horse… it feels like all the other horses in my life have been leading to this point, this juncture, this relationship with him. That I have been set up and trained and was so ready to have him. We do dressage and trails and a bit of jumping and have been battling soundness issues but I never cared if I could ride him again or not. I’m just so gifted to have such a horse in my paddock. Elegant, graceful, athletic, a wonderful work ethic, a wicked sense of humour, highly opinionated. I can watch him all day. How lucky am I?

Stuart pours so much love and passion into each and every painting he creates but he always says it’s the story behind each piece that motivates him and Juanita’s story of Nebraska certainly did this.

The power of horses to heal and teach us about ourselves is profound and inspiring. Their ability to open our hearts and gain each other’s trust gives us the ability to build stronger relationships with not only ourselves but others as well, and today we believe this is more important than ever!

It’s clear to see that Juanita is blessed to share this special connection with her horse.

Congratulations again to Juanita O La and thank you to everyone who entered our Horse Portrait Giveaway.

Do you have a special connection with your horse that you would like to immortalise into a beautiful portrait like this one?

For the month of August (or until spots are filled), Stuart is opening his books for 10 lucky people to commission a personalised, hand painted portrait of their heart horse which will also include a video of the creation process from start to finish.

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