Learn Monochromatic Painting Techniques

In this video you will learn how to create a monochromatic painting using nothing but an airbrush, a couple of colors and your will to learn.

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Welcome to my Intro to Monochromatic Painting

This lesson you will be watching over my shoulder during one of my real-life commissioned paintings.

Monochromatic painting refers to a color scheme that is made up of one color in a variety of values and even tones of that same color.  As an example – if you add white to red – you will get a variety of pinks.   If you add black to red – you will get a variety of darker versions of red.  This creates a variety of values of that same color.

You Will Need:

  • Airbrush (Preferably Iwata HPC 0.03mm)
  • Air Supply
  • Black Tinter Urethane Basecoat
  • White Tinter Urethane Basecoat
  • Bright Red Tinter Urethane Basecoat
  • Compressor or air source to power your airbrush

What You Will Learn:

Part 2: Building the Form Using White
Part 3: Adding Depth Using Black
Part 4: Adding the Final Details

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