After 20 years of painting countless art works and travelling the world as a commercial artist, I found myself feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I started questioning myself – is this all there really is…?

Don’t get me wrong I was extremely great full for the the experiences I’d had in my life up until this point; I really was living my dream…working for myself.. built a luxurious home for myself and my family on top of a mountain in Australia’s spectacular hinterland…I owned two custom Harley Davidson motorcycles and a few nice cars…but somehow I still felt empty inside…

After visiting a number of third world countries on my travels, I witnessed first hand how extremely hard some people had to work to survive, and the inequality that was going on in the world. I remember one job I had in South Africa where a man I met on the side of the road was pleading with me to buy his wooden carvings so he could feed his children. I wanted to give him every cent I had, and I remember walking away feeling helpless that I couldn’t do more…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replayed that moment in my mind.

After returning home to Australia I came across the following quote by Captain Paul Watson “Follow your dreams and use your natural born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow”  I came to a realisation that to truly live my life fully, I needed to utilise my creative skills for a greater purpose…a purpose beyond my own needs.

So my wife and I agreed – we needed to start our own not for profit organisation, and so was born – “The F.R.E.E Foundation” –  it’s mission is to support people and organisations that actively participate in making a positive impact for humanity and our planet – organisations focused on Freedom, Rights, Equality and Education.

Every painting I do now has a purpose, and proceeds from every painting sold goes towards supporting positive change somewhere in the world.

The art available for sale on this website has grown since we began and is now a collaboration of my wife Larissa’s stunning nature photography and my father inlaw – Giovanni’s remarkable oil paintings. As we grow, we hope to collaborate with more artists around the world who seek positive change through their own talents.

We sincerely hope that our art can inspire you to make a purchase, but furthermore we hope that you will join us in this movement towards a better world for tomorrow.

Individually we can begin to make a POWERFUL and MEANINGFUL difference….Collectively we CAN change the entire world.