“Goddess of Surrender” – Fine Art Print


Printed on gallery quality 250gsm fine art paper.

A4 (21 x 29cm) Fine Art Paper

A3 (30 x 42cm) Fine Art Paper

A2 (42 x 59cm) Fine Art Paper

A1 (59 x 84cm) Fine Art Paper



Let go of what you cannot control. There’s a deeper flow in life…

When we surrender to that flow, to the divine flow we can be pulled along to our natural calling. Imagine you are the captain of your own paddle boat, sitting on the riverbank why you never get anywhere. Are you feeling overwhelmed by neglecting to take care of your mental health, physical & Spiritual by taking on others issues?

Stop trying to paddle against the current. It can make life so much easier, but we still need our paddle. We still must steer our little boats so we don’t run aground or hit rocks in the river bottom.

It is, however, far easier than trying to avoid the flow (sitting on the riverbank wondering why we never get anywhere) or trying to paddle against it. We learn to accept how things are and surrender to these currents.

Don’t think of surrender as giving up. Think of surrender as a call to see life clearly and a call to the most profound and sacred action possible. When we open and trust, we allow the divine energy to flow within us to achieve what we need.

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