“Goddess of Truth” Fine Art Print


Printed on 250gsm gallery quality, fine art paper in the following sizes:

A4 (21 x 29cm) Fine Art Paper

A3 (30 x 42cm) Fine Art Paper

A2 (42 x 59cm) Fine Art Paper

A1 (59 x 84cm) Fine Art Paper

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We are all born possessing Inner Truth. It is a primal, cellular “memory” that lives throughout our body. Over time, we lose connection with—or stop paying attention to—this memory.

We are influenced by our family dynamics, happily pressured by our social circles, educated at school, swayed by the media, and the list goes on! Many of these influencers were themselves unconsciously influenced. As a result, some of our thoughts and beliefs are not our own.

However, your truth is never truly lost. More so, it is disconnected. When we talk about how to find your inner truth, we are talking about how to look and move within yourself and reconnect with that core source of you.

Listen to your heart, whether you are noticing your emotions, your affinities, or the feedback to your personal expression, your heart is your guide to how to find your inner truth. The way your heart opens, closes, and feels helps you understand, in the most intimate way possible, what is true for you. When in doubt, tune into your heart and – no matter how far you have strayed – it will lead you back to what is most true for you.

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