“Goddess of Introspection” Fine Art Print


Printed on 250gsm gallery quality, fine art paper in the following sizes:

A4 (21 x 29cm) Fine Art Paper

A3 (30 x 42cm) Fine Art Paper

A2 (42 x 59cm) Fine Art Paper

A1 (59 x 84cm) Fine Art Paper



Introspection is the process of conscious self-awareness…

It is a critical assessment of our actions and behaviour. It happens when we look inward and examine our behaviour, emotions, thoughts and motives.

Our souls are growing continuously… they perceive every event in our lives, take wisdom from it, and build intuition.

As we avoid introspection and self-reflection, that knowledge and wisdom remain untapped.

As a result, we feel troubled, and experience meaninglessness in our lives — we hear a troubled calling, as our inner voice (though suppressed due to lack of self-reflection and introspection) calls more often, with irritable urgency.

Like a child pulling at us to change our direction and to see what it wants us to see. Introspection allows us to become more self-ware, observe negative patterns in our lives, know, prioritize, and face our fears, define what happiness means to us, from within, instead of borrowing its definition from without, avoid worrying about things beyond our control, remain focused on the bigger picture, parent our inner child and connect with the wisdom within our souls and become masters of ourselves.

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