I began my career as an artist in Sydney, Australia in 1990. I started donating my artwork to hospitals in hope of brightening up the sterile environments, where I spent so much time as a child alongside my brother who battled with leukaemia.

As a result, I received a surprising amount of media attention about the positive impacts my art was making on patients and their families.

This inevitably resulted in contract art work for local businesses, which set me on my journey as an artist.

Since then I’ve been commissioned for hundreds of works including murals in celebrity’s homes, creating corporate art for promotional campaigns and countless private commissions.

The highlight of my career has been the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world, painting one off art pieces for corporate and private clients. Through this I was able experience many different cultures and also witness the effects of poverty on humanity and the planet. This really taught me to view life in a different light, and to gain perspective on what’s truly important.

“The experience ultimately motivated me to redirect my energy and intentionally create art that uplifts, heals and inspires”

Before I create each piece of art, I set an intention of love, compassion and purpose among other positive uplifting mantra’s. I incorporate images of ancient symbols and totems to harness their sacred healing powers. My art is then digitally enhanced and reproduced on quality artist canvas and fine art papers by a leading print house in Australia.

It’s my goal to inspire and transcend the traditional ways of doing business into one of mindfulness, compassion and connection –  Through our partnership with B1G1 every print purchased contributes towards a better world for tomorrow.

Would you like to commission Stuart for a painting? Send your details to stuart@artistikcreations.com.au