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Painting with Purpose...

Stuart Vimpani Commercial Artist

Having traveled extensively to developing countries as a commercial artist, I was suddenly confronted with the stark reality of inequality and injustice in the world. Witnessing firsthand the immense hardships some people faced just to survive left a lasting impression on me.

I vividly recall a particular experience in South Africa where I encountered a man desperately selling his wooden carvings by the roadside. His plea for help, "Please sir, I need to feed my children," deeply moved me. I wanted to give him everything I had, and as I walked away, I felt a sense of helplessness, knowing that my contribution fell short. The memory of that moment has replayed countless times in my mind.

Upon returning to Australia, I stumbled upon a quote by Captain Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd that resonated with me: "Follow your dreams and use your natural born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow." It was then that I realized I needed to harness my creative abilities for a greater purpose, transcending my own needs.

Now, through the sale of my artwork, I allocate a portion of the profits to various impactful projects worldwide. These initiatives are grassroots endeavors driven by remarkable individuals who are effecting real change in the world.

For my "Divine Feminine Rising Collection," I have chosen to support "Free To Shine," an organization dedicated to safeguarding school-aged girls in Cambodia from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry. Their efforts involve providing these girls with bicycles, school bags, books, and financial support for education, along with regular visits from a dedicated social worker. Niki Mi, the founder, spent a year with victims of unimaginable suffering caused by sex trafficking, and when asked what they needed, their response was simple yet profound: "Go out into the rural villages and enroll the girls in school." None of them had received an education before falling victim to trafficking. They believed that had they been in school, they would have been safe, with professionals looking out for them.

However, I cannot accomplish this mission alone. I need your help. By purchasing my art, you are making an enormous difference not only in the future of one girl but also in the lives of entire families, communities, and generations to come. Together, we can create a brighter and more equitable world.

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Free To Shine

"Thank You"

A portion of your purchase is donated to - 

"Free To Shine" - An Australian not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing an education to girls in rural Cambodia at risk of sex traffickers.

They believe every child should have the right to grow up in a safe environment, not tortured and sold for sex.

Visit freetoshine.org to learn more.

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